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Building house of log

 Building house of log

Each of us wants to own a house, spacious and comfortable. In my dreams appears two-storey cottage with a refined area in a picturesque location. However, dreams tend to come true if you are interested in the construction of timber houses, our company is pleased to offer its services.

Of course, a spacious apartment, located in a picturesque area of ​​the city a great acquisition and profitable investment, but still, even the most elite apartment does not compare to his own house, located outside the city. In recent years, the number of people wanting to buy a country cottage increases. So to the increased popularity of wooden houses due not only a tribute to fashion but also environmentally friendly. Since ancient times, people have used it to build wooden houses as well as for the production of other building materials and wood products, such as windows, doors, furniture, etc. It is a natural material, which still has no equal.

And again we return to the centuries-old traditions, namely the construction of timber houses. In this paper, we use high-quality wood - pine, fir, ash and oak. Woodshop is equipped with all necessary modern equipment, which allows you to perform a wide range of services. Modular drying, band sawmill, laser CNC, etc. all this allows to produce a high-quality product. Before the construction of houses of timber, it is necessary to plan, design and create the necessary drawings, which will take place in stages all the work.

Check all the advantages of this material prior to the brick, customers choose an exactly right wood.

The main advantages of the construction of timber houses:

  • the easy material is significant savings on foundations. The perfect plate is a monolith, as the weight of the wood, is more lighter than brick.
  • Efficiency of the building - high quality treated wood, like designer quickly and easily built in a single construction. Moreover, in the case of house construction timber, it does not require heavy equipment difficult.
  • Low thermal conductivity - one of the indisputable advantages of wood. It is well-known fact that the result of the lower thermal conductivity of the material is the warm house. Moreover, the wooden walls are able to withstand numerous cycles of thawing and freezing. So you can completely experience the relative life of your home because it can exceed 100 years.
  • In order to ensure fire safety at home using special antifog. And in order to protect the wood from rotting processes, using special impregnation, which are qualitatively and permanently protected material.
  • Savings on finishing work the beautiful natural wood texture is incredibly attractive and presentable appearance. So you did not have to worry about any internal or external finishing works.
  • And last, but not least, it is the dignity of the wood ecology. The wood is able to breathe, which means that your home will be completely healthy, fresh air and indescribable. This not only creates a special microclimate but also have a positive impact on the health and mood of all the inhabitants of the house from a frame.

Our company has experience in this area. The last of our work is the network of manors "Family nest", which offers relaxation for the whole family in the cozy cottages.