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Frames (Block-houses)


Since ancient times, people of all countries appreciate the wooden houses, as they are practical, natural and comfortable. The building materials are the frame of wood, usually frames associate with wooden houses, log cabins are often associated with wooden houses. Wood houses are their durability and high quality, resulting in a house of this type are long-lasting. In the world of modern technology and progress, it has the ability to process wood log cabins because of its strength, fire safety, environmental friendliness. These features strongly influence consumers who are concerned about comfort, comfort and security of having started the construction of a wooden house because of log cabins.


Wooden houses are always different from the other buildings and immediately "drop in the eye" to any passer-by, because they are original and luxurious, even by themselves attract attention. If you plan and build himself a posh house, then please contact firm "Med" and we will provide you with shipping and handling natural wood frame noble trees. We specialize in the procurement, processing and production of high-quality and natural, both construction and decoration, insulation materials for the construction of a large prestigious buildings. Our company also offers a range of log cabins for the construction of hard structures (houses, restaurants, cafes, saunas) such wood as oak, beech and others. These buildings will serve for many years and will decorate the environment.

Construction of a wooden house with a log house can take place in the city and countryside, it has become very popular among all the inhabitants of the world. In such a house vybudete feel one with nature. Contact the company "Honey" and get high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials for the construction of his house. You will find our houses exclusively solid wood and precious wood on the most affordable prices on the Ukrainian market. See for yourself the professionalism and competence of our staff.