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Size of WFB

Started construction, we worry about the design, the choice of building materials and directly on the stage of the course of the plan. One step is the choice of insulation and finishing material, the main function of which is to ensure reliable protection against mechanical damage, deformation, the influence of weather and prevent leaks and drafts. Effective and durable finishing material considered fibreboard , it is inexpensive and easy to assemble.

Fiberboard - is a material which is prepared by hot-pressing the mass consisting of cellulosic fibers, water, synthetic polymers and special additives.

Depending on the intended use, dimensions can be different fiberboard type and format. For example, to finish for wooden furniture, use laminated or ground fibreboard small sizes that are matched by the scale of the product. For large pieces of wood (houses, restaurants, etc.), are commonly used fiberboard, the largest standard size, whose dense mount that contributes to reliable insulation of the building.

Fiberboard manufacture using wet or dry embossing technology wood or wood waste, and then impregnated with special materials. This makes the material resistant to fire and moisture, thus saving environmental cleanliness. The natural coloring of the wood, and simple application makes such a good insulator and finishing material for buildings of any construction.

The firm "MED" is the leading manufacturer of natural, environmentally friendly products of wood, including MDF. We have a wide range of choices, a lot of experience related to the woodworking industry, modern processing technology. We offer a range of sizes and types of fiberboard for every taste, according to the European standards of quality. It is also conducting a loyal pricing policy, service guarantee professionalism and tact employees.