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The design of wooden arbor

The design of wooden arbor

Wooden pergolas are widely popular among the consumers. This is a small architectural structure, which is used to decorate the garden and countryside areas. Wooden arbor flows into garden nature. These garden-chalet design focus on landscape design of any territory. Arbors serve as a place to relax with friends, family and loved ones.

There are many companies that are developing projects of the wooden arbor. The firm "Med" is one of them. Our advantage is that we not only develop projects but realize the wooden arbors. We offer such options gazebos: garden and summer wooden gazebos, pavilions for children, gazebo for cafes and restaurants, pavilions with barbecue, grill or barbecue.

We also perform various design arbors: arbors with open walls, semi-open pergola, closed arbors with laced front, arbor-mushroom, houses-arbor, arbors-swing, garden houses, pergolas and other. We provide the ability to order wooden arbors suitable shapes: round, square, oval, multi-faceted, triangular.

The design of wooden arbor

The design of wooden arbors fulfills individual orders of the client, taking into account all the wishes and financial possibilities. Our woodworking shop equipped with modern equipment, which allows us to perform work of any complexity. Masters of the company "Med" are experienced, highly qualified and know their stuff.

Employees of the company will design the future design of the arbor, help in choosing a suitable design, the shape, size (depends on the number of your family and friends), or sell your finished project.

Design wooden arbors can be various types. Complete design of wooden arbors depends only on your imagination.

For more information on cooperation and ordering arbors of our company "Med", you can visit our website or contact our managers by phones listed below. Only we have projects of wooden arbors "turnkey".