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Timber coloring

Timber coloring begins from the location and wood nature, it is very original and unique in its kind. Because of this wood is considered a unique material for construction. It can be used as for exterior and in the interior decoration of any house, which in turn makes it a luxury with a unique design. And all of this is the work of the mother nature that creates such combinations of colors of wood of different species of trees.

In the manufacture of flooring, windows, doors, furniture most cherished noble woods, because their coloring strongly expressed, so they are perfectly in tune in the interior.

For the manufacture of the powerful front door or the elegant table is typically used oak, which has a red or white color, such products for a long time and reliable employees. For the manufacture of window frames, wall espalier use nut, it has a chocolate brown color. Yellow alder can be used as an excellent flooring that will create the contrast between light and dark furnishings. In all cases, the natural color of the wood to protect your home from the harmful effects of artificial colors and gives the interior unique look. Especially in recent years, the trend remains positive.

Due to the absence of harmful chemical elements in the natural color of the wood you surround your house harmless woodwork, again emphasizing his concern for the health of their families, as well as creating coziness and comfort surrounded by the fragrance of wood.

If you want to make an order for the manufacture or acquisition of products and construction materials from wood noble breeds, then refer to the domestic producers, namely in the firm "MED". We do all the work "turnkey" any level of complexity, the most reasonable prices, ensure the speedy execution of the order at a convenient time for you, take into account all the wishes, needs and possibilities of the client. We have a flexible system of discounts.