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When you trim and cladding of buildings you would like to attach the material used throughout the construction of all-natural and incredibly beautiful appearance, like the houses made of the log. However, to build a house made of natural log full is too expensive for you and your family. In this case, you just need to find and use a board that simulates the frame and is much cheaper, in spite of its natural base. This board is the block-house, creating a unique impression of the house of round log.

Block-House was coined specifically for cladding buildings and structures, to simplify the process of finishing work and at the same time create the impression of the finished wooden house from whole logs. The whole secret of the block-house is that the board is facing from the front and the back side where the front side takes the imitation logs or log-convex and the rear side adjacent to the building is completely flat, making it easy to use and installation. Block-house is incredibly popular around the world and is made in the same way as timber, natural wood, corresponding standards and norms of quality and environmental safety.


In our country block-house unit also received a huge demand for the construction of various structures and is always in the price, without losing its relevance. Thanks to its clear advantages over other facing materials, including a beautiful form, natural materials, ease of use, excellent heat and noise insulation, durability, reliability, water resistance and affordability, block-house was really popular recognition. You can also trim your building with the help of this amazing material, having made a purchase order from the best producer of wooden materials and products the firm "MED". We produce only natural products of the European standard, which is not inferior in quality to imported construction and facing materials, as well as being an affordable cost for you!