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The ready made arbors

The ready made arbors

Arbors are a profitable addition to your site landscape design, architectural feature, which creates comfort and convenience for the whole family outdoors. For true connoisseurs of his time, the best option will be ready made arbors, they have a varied selection.

The ready made arbors

Domestic manufacturer, the firm "MED", offers a wide range of environmentally friendly, durable and high-quality ready-made wooden arbors. Our company adheres to certain criteria in the approach to the work, such as:

  • modern technologies and equipment corresponding to international standards;
  • natural wood of the highest quality;
  • quality control;
  • individual approach to clients;
  • development of projects under the order;
  • reasonable price plus discounts;
  • professional artists;
  • the shortest delivery times.

All this has helped the company become the "MED" leading to the wood processing industry and manufacture of various wood products.

We offer ready-made arbors in different sizes and shapes. They can be both open and closed, as well as round, square, hexagonal and octagonal. The advantage of closed arbors that they can rest in any weather and season of the year, thanks to its low thermal conductivity. There remain cool summers and warm enough in the winter. In turn, the outdoor arbor you can relax only in warm weather without precipitation. In any case, rest in a wooden arbor will be comfortable, give a sense of a whole with nature, and a unique microclimate that produces wood, saturating the atmosphere with positive emotions.

Our specialists treated wood by special means that ensure its resistance to fire, not allowing the flame to cover the entire product design. Also wooden arbor from the firm "MED" strong and durable.

Order ready made wooden arbors you can contact the manager of our company at the phone number listed on our site. This will be a profitable investment since an arbor will be a good place to relax body and soul.