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The doors

The doors

Doors are an integral part of the design of any home or premises, which focuses on the exterior and interior. They share your inner world and businessmen from the outside. For people of all ages doors were protecting their property as from the weather (rain, wind, heat), as well as from intruders. From the moment the doors of the invention has passed a lot of time, but these days door had a major role.

Serving as home security, door also indicate the owner nadostavok and recovered his prestige. After looking at the door, we can immediately say what kind of people live there.

The doors

The original material is for the manufacture of doors was a tree, because it is easy to process and is often used for domestic purposes. Wood Doors is always fashionable, important, practical. Neither any other materials can not replace the properties of wood, because it is ecologically clean (this is a very big plus), a beautiful, unique. Also here there is a diverse selection of material. The most popular wood material is oak (incredible texture and strength), ash, maple, beech, pine and other tree species.

By appointment doors are divided into interior and exterior. Our firm "MED" offers services in manufacturing wooden doors, the two kinds of order. Our experts will help you find and develop unique interior for your home. Mi use environmentally friendly raw materials and selected the best wood species: oak, beech, pine, ash, maple and others. Also, our designers will develop a project specifically for your windows, taking into account all the wishes, not afraid of difficulties, the dream a reality.

High-tech equipment, qualified employees, high-quality material, durable fittings and accessories - all of this is using the firm "MED" for the realization of wooden doors at competitive prices, as we ourselves are manufacturers.

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