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The edged board

The edged board

The edged board is cut from logs board file at the edges, it is a board with no bark and no edges. This product is a high demand in the construction industry, as is widely used both in external and internal construction and finishing works. For example, for the erection of load-bearing frames, floors and ceilings binder for the manufacture of joinery used it edged board.

Options for cutting edged boards:

Radial sawing - cut line is at the center of the trunk. Such a board is less susceptible to moisture and is more resistant to deformation. The most expensive but also the most durable.

Semi-redial sawing - is characterized by the performance average. Inferior to the performance board with radial sawing.

Tangential sawing - economy version of the board. Susceptible to swelling and shrinkage.

Sawing boards carried on the band sawmill, and its size can vary depending on the customer's wishes. The length of the board is typically 4 m conifers may be up to 6 m. The thickness of the product on the order from 30 to 100mm.

The edged board

For the manufacturing of edged boards use different wood species, depending on the purpose of exploitation. Every kind of wood has its own specific characteristics of strength, resistance to pests, moisture resistance, etc. considered the most durable wood species such as pine and larch. Besides, they perfectly match the practical relation "price-quality."

SPE "Med" offers manufacturing of custom edging boards. The stock is a variety of wood species and all the necessary wood processing equipment that enables a wide range of services. For more details and information, please contact our managers to conduct a detailed consultation for you.