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Wooden houses from log

Wooden houses from log

Recently, a very fashionable to build wooden houses from the log or timber. What is the framework? The log cabin is a wall chopped wooden buildings assembled from logs polished. Prepared logs stacked upon one another, after which the corners are connected to the protruding ends of logs without protrusion and other compounds. For a long time log house, baths and other structures of wooden architecture were called blockhouse.

Wood is a unique building material, which is durable, reliable, natural, environmentally friendly, it is ideal for the construction of houses. It is also mechanically strong, has positive characteristics and low volumetric weight. The wood has a good insulation that makes good saves heat. In a wooden house will never be damp because the wood breath, the air flowing through its micropores oxygen balance is maintained at a high level, which creates a perfect microclimate produces a beneficial impact on the health of residents.

The firm "Med" offers its services to all who wish to build their warm and cozy wooden house from the log. In our production we use natural wood of trees: pine, spruce, ash, oak.

With high-tech modern technology and professional staff, our firm builds custom log homes such as the log: log houses from home or from profiled laminated veneer lumber, log cabins, houses made of logs.

The firm "Med" does all the robots on the order of "turnkey" from design to implementation of production works.

Similar wooden buildings, thanks to its natural, natural texture will give your site a representative of the form, filling his extraordinary atmosphere of coziness, warmth and comfort.

For more information or ordering, contact with our managers or specialists of "Med" of the phone numbers listed in the contact section, or use the feedback.