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Wooden covering of the house

Wooden covering of the house

The building of an object is used throughout the various covering, which can be made of wood or concrete. The main objective of overlap is the separation of buildings on floors in height, more than that, they assume the main load operation of the building, that is, equipment, people, etc. The quality of the object as a whole depends on the structural elements.

Wooden coverings are very popular, as opposed to the concrete for several reasons: they have a simple structure and does not require the use of cranes and other heavy construction equipment. When it comes to the construction of a private home or cottage, cost-effective and rational use of it will hardwood floors. Wooden beams recommended to use during the flight, do not exceed 4.0-4.2 m. Options hardwood floor can also be several, all depends on the basic characteristics of the building.

Wooden covering of the house

The key characteristics of matching coverings are:

  • Durability
  • Practicality
  • Sound - heat insulation
  • Hardness

As a rule, the most widespread use are coniferous and deciduous tree species that pass a certain selection, which exclude wood from rot or crack, and then sorted raw material passes special processing antiseptics and antifog. In order to be safe from the destruction of the wood external aggressors, mildew, rot, you must use wood 1st grade, which will be carefully removed from the inner bark and bark.

SPE "Med" offers the production and sale of wooden floors for the home. Our experts will help you to choose the desired quality of the wood, as well as conduct the necessary calculations on the size of the beams (thickness, length, the section bars). We work with different tree species and perform a wide range of services. It has all the necessary woodworking equipment allows a high-quality product. Our prices compare favorably with those of other companies, as we are manufacturers.