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Wooden windows

Wooden windows

Wooden windows this is the right decision when choosing the windows since they are made from environmentally friendly material and have no harm to your body.

These windows are very popular among consumers. Wood is a versatile material with high practical properties and perfection of the natural material. We make windows to order, for any interior considering the taste of the customer.

Wooden windows

Technological properties of wooden windows:

  • insulation (wood keeps the temperature inside the room);
  • attenuation (significantly higher than that of plastic windows);
  • fire resistance (good wood retains its strength in the fire, charring when it has a protective layer that does not allow fire rapidly penetrate deep into the wood structure);
  • strength and durability.

Our company offers the following types of window design:

  • Fixed window (not destined to open or close, and installed, usually in those areas where the need is the lowest level of heat exchange - baths, porch or communicating rooms);
  • Hinged window (one option involves the opening, the most suitable for outbuildings);
  • Swing-out windows (have the highest functionality due to the extensive range of products: complete opening, tilting and so-called "winter slot");
  • Horizontal sliding (used to save space, can be moved apart from the outer side of the wall or fit into it);
  • Lifting-sliding (opened by lifting up);
  • Suspended box (constructed from the rotation around the axis at the top).

Manufacturing of windows with glass using natural wood is a guarantee of success, as here there is, first of all, the flexibility of the material. Therefore, the frame can be any shape, both traditional and unusual. It is also easy to paint a wooden frame.

For people who care about their health, wooden windows are the best choice because they do not emit any toxic substances.

To this day, the use of natural wood windows is a sign of excellent taste and an indicator of high wealth owner of the house. Contact our company and our masters will help you make the right choice.