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Wooden doors

Wooden doors

Doors are an integral part of any house, office or apartment. Wooden doors are ecologically clean, durable, long time employees, aesthetically beautiful. This type of doors retains heat well, provide comfort and convenience.

Our company offers the manufacture of doors exclusively from natural raw materials under the order. Plus a wide range of material selection and decoration, taking into account the customer's wishes.

For the production of doors under the order, we consider the direct participation of the client, with the possibility of an adjustment (which should be the product originality), guarantee the uniqueness of the product, using precious woods, make the work of "turnkey" of the manufacturing process up to the installation of doors.

Wooden doors

We manufacture wooden doors from softwood and hardwood. Choosing the type of wood accounted for its properties and place of location of the door. Most low prices is the doors of pine, as it is the most common tree species.

Hardwood used for the manufacture of doors that can be installed in any room. More hard rock is an oak whose wood is distinguished by a special strength. Popular among consumers doors of larch, it is quite durable and is ideal for the dry and damp room.

Also, in the production of wooden doors used ash, beech, maple. By its texture is beautiful and durable beech, ash and more durable than oak. Doors made of hardwood suitable for baths and saunas, as when heated, they emit healing aromas, which is nice and good for the body.

Types of wooden doors: paneled (with glass, ideal for apartments and houses), blind (suitable for saunas and baths), sliding, swing, in the form of arches, classical shape, smooth and carved.

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