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Wooden arbors

Wooden arbors

Garden furniture, along with the house furniture is of particular importance and, as well as other elements of decoration makes a special charm and style to the landscape and gives it a perfection of style. Since you have decided to acquire a wooden arbor or pergola, you must consider several important points, and then contact the experts that will help you realize all the quality of your ideas. A wooden arbor or pergola is a joy for the whole family because there you can spend a lot of warm days and nights with friends, family, and loved ones. Fresh air, beautiful garden, good company - what could be better for spare time?

Recently, very popular and relevance is garden arbors and garden houses that can be performed in a variety of styles and variations. The breadth and variety of fascinating designs arbors: large and small, unpretentious and solid projects with significant elements, etc. Modern creative design and availability of specialized companies will allow to realizing, any, even the bold idea.

During planning arbor design, you can give full rein to the imagination, but it is important to remember its function and decoration of the landscape. Arbor is like a garden element can be made in different styles:

  • Round / square / rectangular
  • Open / closed
  • Wooden arbor

Your ideas, your desires and your aspiration to play a key role in the development of the project. Our company offers the manufacture of wooden alcoves to order. The main materials for the manufacture of wooden arbors are alder, spruce, pine, and oak. The main guarantee of the longest possible service life of the gazebo is a meticulous woodwork necessary protective equipment. One of the main enemies of wood is fire, able in minutes to destroy the object. In order to eliminate the possibility of such situations, wood impregnated with special flame retardants, which reduce the probability of ignition to zero. Also, the wood can soak up water based paints and fire-retardant paints.

Wooden arbors

No less dangerous enemy of wood is damp, which provokes the appearance of fungus, mildew, and the process of decay. To avoid the above difficulties, the wood is processed antiseptic flame retardants to protect the top layer of wood, suitable for deep processing, and for problem areas that are particularly vulnerable to the strong influence of external aggressors.

Also do not forget that the timber must be protected from moisture, UV light, etc. But how problematic questions may sound wood, as quickly and efficiently they can be solved, because all the work is done in the complex, in fact, all the material is environmentally friendly, indicating its suitability for both external and internal work.

The firm "Med" offers the services in the manufacturing of wooden arbors, pergolas, etc. We offer a full range of services at the best prices.