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The wooden log

The wooden log

Wooden beam - a type of timber. As a result of filing the logs to one or more of the parties is obtained timber. Today, there are several types of timber:

  • Glued laminated timber - minimal risk of shrinkage and shrinkage, does not require additional treatments and can be used in the conduct and implementation of complex objects.
  • Profiled timber - the main characteristic is presentable appearance. When erecting any structures necessary to allow time for the shrinkage of the material.
  • Non-profiled timber - is the economy version. It is also widely used in construction, however, will require additional spending on outposts and finish at the same time there is the probability of hitting the wood fungus.
  • Square or rectangular timber
  • Round logs

Wooden beam one type of building material, which finds wide application for the production of such items as:

  • Wooden beams
  • Rafters
  • Braces
  • Door frame

The wooden log

Why is the beam so popular and practical in carrying out various construction and finishing works. It is a lightweight material that can be used for the construction of various projects. The first advantage is its wooden beams humidity levels, which can be adjusted at the stage of production, which in turn allows the use of such a timber for the construction of houses while there is no risk of shrinkage.

SPE "MED" offers manufacturing of wooden beams under the order. Having our own equipment allows us to perform a wide range of services. You can order different kinds of timber, depending on the needs. We offer the most convenient and affordable prices, as we are manufacturers.