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Arbor is a great architectural structure, it can be a landscape and architectural design element. The covered building, located on a separate site, the purpose of which recreation, protection from rain and noise.

Arbors are a variety of designs and shapes. Depending on the design, pavilions separated into air and light, thoroughly closed, and the design of the part of the appropriate design of the main buildings. Also, garden pavilions are the open and closed type. The open design is easy to manufacture, is using natural wood as an environmentally friendly and beautiful material, which is most in harmony with the green garden. Closed type arbor is more reliable.


Our company manufactures products in the range which includes the summer and garden houses (for a country house), arbor for summer cafes and restaurants.

Today, the most popular are wooden, octagonal, hexagonal, and an outdoor arbor.

Carrying out the order for the manufacture of the arbor, we take into account the wishes of the customer-fueled by an individual approach. Our highly trained professionals with extensive experience and creativity will help you to create an original design for its future arbors. In other words, do the work "turnkey" from the initial creation and development directly to the installation.

Arbor can be divided into two zones - one for recreation (includes table and bench), one for cooking (includes grill or barbecue).

Very popular arbor from a frame, they blend harmoniously with the brick house on the forest background. Arbors of this quality durable and resistant.

For optimal use of the roof pavilions soft shingles, natural or artificial material, as well as natural tile.

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