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Bath of log

Bath of log

According to the fashion trends, many people have their own house, ordered the construction of a bath. Steam from a frame has become necessary and popular in almost every home. Why do we bath , if there is the bathroom? So says many who did not try to warm up on a cold winter day.

Our company specializing in the construction of buildings made of wood, could not stay away and entered the market with a new service - the construction of baths from the beam and log house. This room should be like in the good old days - completely made of natural material, modern excluding harmful substances.

The original design wooden bath can be made to your order by our architects, we will build you a bath in your finished project. Price depends on your building materials and design, as well as the complexity of its execution. Our company is engaged in the construction of wooden constructions Turnkey, which saves the customer from unnecessary costs and experiences.

Steam from a frame is constructed from high-quality material. In our work, we use local varieties of trees. Who undergo a process of drying. Wooden walls create the perfect conditions for the recovery of the body. This room will serve you long and will bring you a lot of pleasant moments.

Bath of log

To order the construction of a bath, you need to contact our specialists. You will receive advice of professionals, as well as the necessary advice on the construction of the facility. The brigade will arrive at the place of the proposed construction and evaluate the area, possible problems and difficulties that may arise during construction. After inspecting the site and become familiar with the project, our specialists will prepare an estimate. If estimates satisfied the customer, we sign a contract for the construction and transgress.

Steam from the carcass will be built in the shortest possible time. The client has the opportunity to make the control of the construction process and to demand reports. All work is performed in close contact with the client. If you have decided to build a wooden bath, call us at the numbers listed on the site.